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This article was originally posted on the Wella blog.

You’ve created your client’s hair colour of dreams. Next on the agenda is keeping their perfect colour on lock for as long as possible, while ensuring hair feels healthy and looks glossy. From advising on the best shampoo for colour-treated hair to in-salon treatments, give your clients a lesson in how to care for coloured hair like a pro at home.

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INVIGO Color Brilliance

1. Apply a weekly hair mask

The key to maintaining even, glowing hair colour starts with well-conditioned, nourished locks. Like using a weekly treatment in a skincare regimen, hair masks and conditioners are essential for keeping your client’s locks healthy and their colour vibrant. After washing with their go-to colour-locking shampoo, recommend they work a conditioner for colour treated hair through mid-lengths to ends to revive colour and shine. For a deeper conditioning treatment once a week, apply INVIGO Brilliance Vibrant Color Mask to sensitised areas and stressed-out ends, which will help to intensely strengthen and smooth.

2. Wash Hair Less Often

It may sound obvious, but the more your client washes their hair, the quicker colour molecules will fade. Whenever hair gets wet, each individual strand swells and a small amount of colour pigment seeps out, which is why extending the washing cycle is a must to keep their hair looking fresh. Recommend they lather up their hair less often and add EIMI Dry Me dry shampoo to their kit; a refreshing mist that keeps hair looking and feeling clean in between washes.

3. Protect from root to tip

Did you know? Aside from tanning your skin, the sun can also lighten and fade your hair shade. To protect colour in the sun, spritz INVIGO Brilliance Miracle BB Spray onto damp or dry hair. The shade-saving formula contains vitamin B5 to promote strong, healthy hair, while blocking the sun from fading their colour – perfect for packing on holidays or spritzing into hair during the hotter summer months.

4. Give a regular trim

To achieve the most even-toned, healthy-looking colour possible, book your client in for regular trims alongside their colour appointments. Split ends create a dry, sensitised base for hair dye, meaning the colour may not absorb into hair properly or penetrate deep enough. Keeping ends freshly trimmed means a healthier hair base for their shade of the moment.

5. Be gentle with heat

When it comes to heat, be gentle on hair. Whether blow drying, curling or straightening, heat can cause hair to become sensitised, resulting in a dry, unmanageable texture. In terms of hair colour, this can leave that signature shade looking flat and dull, as colour always looks at its best on shiny, healthy hair. EIMI Thermal Image heat protectant spray will safe-guard hair from heat while smoothing the cuticle with a two-phase system: first by protecting, second by nourishing. You can also encourage your client to embrace their natural texture by skipping heat and allowing hair to air dry, scrunching EIMI Ocean Spritz through mid-lengths to ends to boost a natural wave.

  1. Prep for colour

Are they ready for their next appointment? Ask your client to use a clarifying shampoo a few days before heading to the salon to remove all residue ahead of their colour treatment. We’d recommend clients don’t wash their hair the day of the appointment, as natural sebum oils will help to protect the scalp during the colouring process. INVIGO Aqua Pure Purifying Shampoo will leave locks fresh, clean and prepped for their new shade.

Women with red hair7. Opt for WellaPlex

If your client’s hair is sensitised, opt for applying Wellaplex – especially if you’re planning to do any lightening on hair. It will create a healthy-looking finish to any hair type. The smart formula helps to reduce damage and add strength to every strand by reinforcing the hair bonds from within. Wellaplex is recommended with all lightening services to reduce damage. If your client’s hair happens to be damaged from previous colour appointments, you can also use Wellaplex mixed with hair dye.

8. How to care for blonde hair colour

Whether they’ve gone for a rich caramel blonde or ice white blonde, INVIGO Blonde Recharge Conditioner is available in a warm or cool formula to revive your client’s shade at home. Advise they use this colour-depositing conditioner once a week to keep blonde looking fresh in between appointments.

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10. How to care for red hair colour

Gloss gloss gloss….Too keep your clients red locks vibrant and full of life we recommend glossing services for in between colour services. This will add extra glow to fiery reds. This is an easy way to add shine and refresh colour without having long visits to the salon. Use Koleston Perfect ME+, Illumina ,or you can even offer your clients a Chrystal Glossing using Colour Touch.