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Nioxin is the No.1 globally selling salon brand for thinning hair*. It is also the No.1 stylist-recommended brand for thinning hair in the USA. Nioxin takes a unique approach to answering thinning needs and restoring confidence in men and women who suffer from thin-looking hair – who account for 50% of salon clients. Taking inspiration from skin care, Nioxin’s innovative and revolutionary technology treats the hair by optimising the scalp environment to deliver thicker, fuller-looking hair.

* Value Data Kline & Company

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The Nioxin Range

NIOXIN has just released three new products: Scalp Protect Serum, Color Lock and Density Defend.

Scalp Protect Serum is a salon-exclusive, dermatologist tested, pre-colour treatment which has a pH value very similar to the scalp skin and remains on the scalp. Scalp Protect Serum contains anti-irritation ingredients that help to protect the scalp during the oxidative colouring process.

Color Lock is a density treatment exclusively for in-salon use. It neutralizes alkaline and peroxide residues without weighing down the hair. The Density treatment neutralizes residues, seals-in the colour and strengthens the hair to prevent breakage. Color Lock seals the cuticles and locks color pigments into the hair immediately after the hair-colouring process.

Density Defend is a lightweight leave-on strengthening foam for colored hair. Thanks to its DensiProtect technology, Density Defend provides up to 93% reduction in hair breakage and improves the vibrancy of hair colour.