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At the core of Sweet Hair Professional ultra-quality products is the wellbeing of both beauty professionals and their clients. The First Shampoo is a premium 100% formaldehyde-free straightening system currently used in over 40 000 salons in Brazil and in 60 countries worldwide. Innovative maintenance products, repair treatments and take-home care products are also available in the Sweet range.

C9 Straighteners

The First Shampoo Generation 2.0

The First Shampoo Generation 2.0 is a mixture of natural acids, that when combined with a heat source causes the hair to straighten. It promotes the denature of protein but does not break the disulphide bonds, and therefore can be used with other chemicals. The Sweet First Shampoo is free from formaldehyde and is safe to use for both stylist and client.

C9 Curlers

Lovely Step 1 – 3

The Lovely 3-step treatment was designed to transform coarse, curly or frizzy hair into straighter hair using a synergy of acids and nanotechnology.

C9 Hairdryer

Sweet Matizador Platinum Toning Shampoo and Conditioner

Developed with an exclusive violet technology complex that eliminates the yellow tone in blonde hair and at the same time moisturises and revitalises the hair strands during washing.

C9 Hairdryer

Sweet SOS Treatments

The SOS Range is designed to repair damaged hair. Such as hair that has been chemically damaged, lacks elasticity, or appears brittle. SOS 1 stabilises the hair pH and provides shine and silkiness, while SOS 2 rebalances the static charge, regenerates the hair structure, and revitalises the hair.

C9 Hairdryer

Sweet Maintenance Range

The maintenance range is both sulphate and paraben free and contains 5% of the in-salon formula. It therefore maintains and prolongs the in-salon treatment at home. The First Thermal is a heat protective spray which keeps hair hydrated and protected against heat styling.