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Brazilian in-salon straightening products, Sweet Professional, are available in over 40,000 salons in Brazil and exported to almost 70 countries worldwide. With offices in São Paolo, Madrid, Miami and Milan and known as the Apple of Cosmetics, Sweet Professional has been recognised and awarded by salons and hair professionals thoughout the world.

No-fuss, simple to use Sweet Hair Professional products include in-salon straightening treatments and take-home maintenance products.

Its flagship product, a first of its kind, is a formaldehyde-free straightening shampoo, The First Shampoo. This in-salon straightening treatment contains organic amino acids and is designed to give you gorgeously soft, sleek hair without the risk of exposure to harmful formaldehyde. For thicker, more unruly hair, Lovely, a 3-step straightening treatment, ensures even sleeker results.

Sweet professional in-salon treatments

In-Salon Treatments

In-Salon Treatments

Prior to an in-salon treatment an expert stylist will assess the condition and health of your hair and the intensity of your natural wave or curl. Your treatment will be tailored to suit your hair needs and will target specific hair concerns you may have. Expect your hair to look and feel sleek and healthy with less frizz and more manageability.

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Sweet professional maintenance range

After-care Home Maintenance

After-care Home Maintenance

The sulphate-free products contain a percentage of The First Shampoo in-salon treatment to prolong the straightening effect and include a cleansing shampoo, nourishing conditioner, strengthening mask and thermal protecting fluid which also repairs the hair structure.

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