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You are invited to take part in the most prestigious competition in the hairdressing industry – the Wella Professionals TrendVision Award 2021.

Compete in one or all four categories to become the next National TrendVision Award (NTVA) winner. Winners in each category stand the chance to win the International TrendVision Award 2021 (ITVA).

Bring your personal vision and craftsmanship to life by showcasing your unique skills against other emerging South African stylists. You will compete against a backdrop of spectacular creativity and feel the incredible thrill of vying for the title.

TrendVision Award is where the future industry stars are made.

EXPLORE your creativity,
DEVELOP your skills,
BUILD your confidence,
and RAISE your profile to
BECOME the next rising star!

The seismic shift in trends:

  • Trends are no longer seasonal and don’t come with an expiry date.
  • They are dictated by communities rather than individuals.
  • Hashtags can make or break a trend.
  • Individuals are celebrated for their uniqueness and for driving real change.
  • Beauty has become a celebration of diversity.

Celebrate hair that is ….

  • fashionable and inspirational
  • street creative
  • focused on the model’s individuality and expresses her best self
  • considerate of the model’s image and personality
  • inspiring for the consumer, not frightening!

Deviate from competition hair that is… 

  • forced, overdone, eccentric, or off the wall
  • out of touch with world trends and fashion
  • not complementary of the model's skin tone, eye colour and choice of hair colour
  • a combination of mismatched colouring techniques that do not work the haircut and styling
  • a combination of hair colour shades that don’t harmonise or work together
  • poorly finished and does not showcase the colour and cut in the best way.


  • Express your creativity with abandon
  • For a successful finished look, be certain that your model’s look and personality matches your vision
  • Work hard on your hair creation to awaken the consumer’s desire to celebrate great hair
  • Define a trend!

In this category we are looking for hair colour that is inspired by the trending colour palette.

We want to see beautiful hair colour that considers and compliments the personal beauty of the model and her unique style. The hair should be of premium quality, and the colour and technique you choose should compliment the style. We are looking for stunning colour with a technique that is expertly placed and beautifully finished. The colour and style should be a look your model would want to wear outside of the competition. Colour artist is not a category for up hair and updos.

In this cut and styling category we are searching for the best transformation look that expresses the model’s true self.

We want to celebrate the unique beauty and look of every individual personality. We want to see a transformation that would reveal the authentic beauty of the model expressing her inner self. We want to see a beautiful cut and hair styling that considers and complements the personal beauty of the model and her unique style. Your technique must be enhanced by colour (e.g. glossing) to reveal the shine and quality of the look.

We are searching for the most beautiful editorial photograph that provokes an emotional response from the models’ personality, body language and hair look.

The Sebastian professional hair language together with wardrobe and make-up will be taken into consideration in judging criteria. The models’ personality must also depict a strong charisma.

In this category we are looking for a charismatic, manly model showing an on-trend men’s haircut created only with SEB MAN products.

A variety of barber fundamentals are key to success, as well as the overall look fitting with SEB man’s on-the go-identity.

Overall Look

  • Suits the model’s features and individuality.
  • A contemporary look that amplifies the model as her best self.
  • Overall quality, style and finish of the hair is excellent.
  • Esthetically pleasing result to a consumer.


  • Technique is executed with excellence.
  • Considered, precise and professional placement of colour showing the look at its best.
  • Overall colour and style are in harmony and look effortless.

Colour Choice

  • Shades and tones work well together.
  • Blending or contrasting.
  • Colour choice fits in with trending palette and fashion direction.


  • Trending colour palette.

Overall Look

  • Beautiful transformation that expresses the model's true self.
  • Celebration of the model’s unique beauty and personality.
  • A stunning end-result.
  • Esthetically pleasing result to a consumer.


  • Well thought out design.
  • Looks effortless not forced.
  • Clever use of texture.
  • Overall cut, style and colour are in harmony.
  • Overall quality, style and finish of the hair is excellent.
  • Beautifully crafted, professionally executed end-result.

Colour Choice

  • Shiny colour on healthy-looking hair that is in harmony with the overall look.


  • Create a positive change through cut, colour and style. The look must highlight your model's features and personality, transforming her into her best self.


  • Create a multi-transformational end look that is intelligently imperfect.
  • Change the perception of how people look at hair by playing and cocktailing the products and pushing the boundaries to create new shapes and textures.
  • Be bigger than a styling technique – be fearlessly creative!


  • Provoke an emotion.
  • Choose a charismatic model to match your vision.
  • Showcase a believable still shot and a relaxed pose.
  • Make the hair your focus by keeping the background clear.


  • Sebastian stands for inclusive beauty.
  • Choose your model in line with this philosophy.


Look at what is in front of you: the face, hair, body shape. Consider what you already know about building the elements and the principles of design. Now train your eye to look at the overall shape and only then can you decide what techniques you will use to set you up for success with your model.

The Sebastian point of difference is to create styles that combine many tools in the same look. Blade, scissors and blending shears fuse together to create personalised accents. Looks are loose and organic with the ability to transform into edgy, and youthful.


  • Create an on-trend haircut for an on-the-go man who refuses to be categorised.
  • Your cut must project your model’s manliness and charisma.
  • Your style must embody the SEB MAN hassle-free philosophy.


  • Use a variety of barbering fundamentals.
  • Cocktail the SEB MAN products to create the best look.
  • Present a sharply crafted, professionally executed end-result.

Showcase your craft and create your vision of what’s new, cool and inspiring.