Hair loss can be a looming concern that affects your clients’ psychological, social, and physical wellbeing. Avoiding social participation in real life or online is a significant negative consequence of thinning hair. According to NIOXIN Global Research† and Yale University psychologist, Dr Marianne LaFrance,

“people become anxious when they feel self-conscious about their looks and will begin withdrawing from all forms of social interaction.”

Social avoidance is even more prevalent in an age where we share our lives on public platforms. Each life-moment, from a weekend outing to childbirth, is captured, posted and shared online for all to see. Seeing pics of themselves on family and friends’ social media accounts during a period of hair loss can become a permanent reminder of something that can be a significant life stressor. It can cause clients to shrink away from enjoying life to the fullest.

Passion and a deep sense of calling motivates stylists and it is a desire to make women and men look and feel better about themselves that drives that passion. That is why, when a regular client begins to reduce their appointment rate or refuses a colour touch-up or avoids a trim, a stylist will feel immediately concerned. However, the experience of hair loss is a very personal struggle and it can be difficult for clients to talk about. Many clients refuse to colour their hair for fear of it breaking. They may decline a trim because they don’t want less hair. In some instances, clients will avoid their regular appointments to prevent others witnessing their hair loss. According to Dr LaFrance,

 “people tend to shy away from contexts where they will be evaluated. All of us are sensitive to others’ opinions, especially in relation to how we look.”

Nioxin beauty doing yoga on the beach to alleviate stress.

It is this sensitivity that leaves clients feeling vulnerable during a consultation to assess their needs, making it uncomfortable for them to speak about the cause of their hair loss. Hair loss can be caused by a number of factors, genetics or environmental factors play a large role, but often it can be due to life-stress, trauma, illness, or childbirth. Clients who avoid speaking about the possible causes make treatment more challenging because the underlying cause of their hair loss must be fixed holistically and information is needed to do this.

In situations such as these, it is necessary to take the most empathic approach through kindness and sensitivity and, most importantly, by offering privacy whilst doing the consultation. Moreover, it is essential to offer the Nioxin brand philosophy and suggest the correct products that have visible and proven results.

After many years of research, NIOXIN has developed a philosophy of holistic health. The philosophy encourages medical consultation and overall mental, physical, and emotional health, along with use of its products and an in-salon consultation system that targets the three vital factors in promoting hair growth: Derma, Density, Diameter.

The NIOXIN solution considers that hair thinning affects 50% of men and women and supports their products with technology that targets the three factors for thicker, fuller hair: the scalp (derma), the density of hair, and diameter of the hair strand.

Nioxin healthy meals that promote hair growth.

The in-salon consultation allows stylists to recommend a suitable 3-Part System Kit, along with styling products for each client. The NIOXIN products will:

  • cleanse the scalp from residual product and sebum build-up and create an environment where new hair follicles can enter the growth phase
  • amplify the hair texture and increase the density of the hair to look fuller and thicker
  • increase the diameter of the hair strand and reduce hair fall due to breakage.

“By using a product like NIOXIN that is proven to deliver thicker, fuller hair in 30 days, people experiencing hair thinning will be less inclined to shy away from life and be more inclined to embrace what they want to do.”

Now, go and give your clients the gift of fuller hair and a fuller life.

Nioxin Sytem Kits product for hair loss

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