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Chris Stofberg

Chris Stofberg

Managing and Marketing Director

Chris began his career with the company as a Sales Consultant in Durban in 1991. In 1997, he moved to Cape Town to join the Marketing Department. In 2009, in the capacity of General Manager of the salon division, he led a management buyout from Procter & Gamble resulting in what is now Modern Hair & Beauty.

Chris is at his happiest in nature and on his mountain bike. He enjoys taking part in mountain bike events and completed the Cape Epic in 2018. He strongly believes in the principle that those who have the means should try to do something, however small it may be, to make the world a better place for all. In this light, the company supports community causes, particularly those within the immediate area of the company’s head office.

Chris is married to Lorna and they have two adult daughters, Tiffany and Celeste.

Izak Koegelenberg

Izak Koegelenberg

Financial Director

Izak began working with the company in the capacity of Financial Manager in April 2013. By December he had joined the Executive Committee as Financial Director. Izak’s background in retail meant that he had to learn about the hair industry – an industry he quickly came to realise was very special indeed!

Izak loves fast cars. He places family values, honesty and hard work at the top of his list, referring to the company as his family. Izak passionately supports causes for children.

Sharafit Ayub

Sharafit Ayub

Operations Director

When Sharafit visited the company as an Auditor between 2001-2003, little did she know that it would eventually become family! In March 2004, she joined the Finance Department as a Cost Accountant and, after the company buyout from Procter & Gamble in 2009, became the Financial Director. Soon after, Sharafit moved from Finance to take up the position of Operations Director.

Leonard Watts

Leonard Watts

National Sales Manager

Leonard joined the company as Sales Representative and after a short break in service, re-joined as Gauteng Regional Sales Manager. In addition to this role, he later became KZN National Sales Capability Manager. In 2015, Leonard took up the position of National Sales Manager.

His passion for the industry is second only to his love for God, serving upon His people by loving orphans, widows and the oppressed. Leonard believes that, while we may not be able to change the world, we can begin by changing a community – one person at a time.

Leonard is also a qualified hairdresser with over two decades experience in the professional hair industry.

Elizma Crous

National Education Manager

Elizma began working with the company in 2015 as an Retail Business Consultant looking after the Western Cape area. In 2017 she was involved with the launch of System Professional and in the same year she married the love of her life. She has a huge passion for training and development and her love for paperwork is endless. She is very enthusiastic person who loves to work with people, to inspire and motivate them.

Living a healthy lifestyle is very important to her but she believes that everything in life needs good balance.

In 2018 she became a new mother to a beautiful little boy, Janco. Her family means the world to her.

Riël Stofberg

Riël Stofberg

HR Manager

Riël is the most recent addition to the company’s management team having joined in February 2018. In a short space of time, he immediately felt at home amongst “all the crazy people”! Riël brings with him deep skills and extensive experience obtained from his involvement in various business sectors, notably in Education and Training Management.

Riël’s passion and love for all people is evident in how deeply he cares for and looks after the well-being of the Modern Hair & Beauty family.

He loves spending time with his wife and two children, and their extended pet family.

Andy Waverly

Andy Wareley

Warehouse Manager

Andy has worked with the company for over two decades. He was initially employed part-time in 1994 to assist with the dispatch of goods from the warehouse. During this time he was also studying Marketing and Logistics. In 1999 he became a full time employee, paving the way to his current position of Warehouse Manager. Andy manages a full complement of staff while simultaneously playing a pivotal role in the daily operations of the warehouse.

He is a respected leader in his community and actively works with its youth encouraging and inspiring them to be the best they can be. In his spare time, Andy plays and coaches soccer – one of his great loves.

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