Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine is new generation hair care. It challenges the norm, celebrates diversity and champions inclusivity. Providing you with the tools and confidence to define and achieve your best hair yet.

Beauty is more than hair, but it is important. It’s an extension of who you are, whether it skims your shoulders or your waist, is curly or straight, it’s time to make yours your own. Cloud Nine helps you own it and define what beauty means to you.

With Cloud Nine you don’t have to be limited to a single style. Create extraordinary styles and experiment with new textures and tousles. Straighten, tame, wave or curl even the thickest and unruliest hair. Most importantly, maintain the integrity of your hair in the process.

Exclusive Kinder Styling Technology is the science behind Cloud Nine’s glossy, long-lasting results. Signature mineral-infused ceramic plates lock in moisture, seal the hair cuticle and minimise damage to the hair’s natural structure. Plus, all tools are equipped with unique Smart Technology that intelligently function to maintain the temperature of your choice. Just like a fingerprint, all hair types are unique and no one temperature fits all. Innovative temperature control means you are free to choose the heat which best suits your style and hair type. Styling with Cloud Nine tools is proven to deliver shinier, healthier-looking hair with reduced split-ends and breakage.


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