System Professional

For 40 years, System Professional has been a leader in the science of hair care, dedicated to unlocking the secret of ideal hair. Inspired by molecular skincare, scientists discovered that each person’s hair has a unique energy profile or, it’s own personality. This discovery confirmed that no one solution suits all and led to the innovative System Professional personalised hair care system, EnergyCode™.

A System Professional-trained stylist will perform an in-salon EnergyCode™ Mapping to determine your unique EnergyCode™. The mapping will identify, among other things, any scalp irregularities or congenital hair conditions which will lead to a diagnostic EnergyCode™ as unique as your fingerprint. Your EnergyCode™ contains a long-term care solution that will unleash your hair’s energy to feel reborn.

EnergyCode™ uses technology based on a complex of carefully balanced ingredients in targeted concentrations to transform each individual’s hair into ideal hair.

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