Swish Aero-San Sanitising Fogger


A sanitising aerosol fogger used to sanitise enclosed spaces, all surfaces and hard to reach places.

• Ideal for disinfecting enclosed spaces and hard to reach places.
• An invisible residue is left behind on surfaces which provides protection for a longer period of time.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all proceeds will go towards donating this product to local communities and NPO’s in need.

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The Swish Aero-SAN Sanitising Fogger is used to sanitise enclosed spaces. The main active ingredient, DDAC, immediately sanitises the surfaces it reaches, and leaves an invisible residue behind on all surfaces, which acts as a protective layer, keeping that surface sanitised for a long period of time. This invisible residue stays on the surface until it is wiped or wet with a natural substance (e.g. water).

Coverage per bottle size:
100ml covers a room 30-35 sqm in size.
200ml covers a room 60-75 sqm in size.
500ml covers a room 150-175 sqm in size.


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How to Use

• Remove humans/animals/produce/plants from the space that has to be treated.
• Flammable: Put off all electronics and extinguish all flames before use.
• Protect food utensils and packaging materials from direct exposure (cover with paper/plastic sheet).
• Place the canister on a solid surface in the center of the area that is to be treated, or evenly distribute canisters if more than one is required, open cupboards, close all windows and doors, seal any openings. Fogger can be placed on a raised surface if the area is higher than 4m.
• Activate the fogger and leave the area immediately.
• Allow 30 min for the aerosol to disperse and settle before you re-enter.
• Re-introduce animals/produce/plants only after the area has been ventilated for at least 30 minutes.
• Thoroughly rinse or wash treated linen and clothing, that will have skin contact during use, to remove disinfectant residues.

Main Ingredients

70% Alcohol, DDAC, Butane

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