Qiqi Permanent Hair Straightening Vs. Brazilian Hair Straightening Treatment & Keratin Straightening Treatment – Now In South Africa

In the realm of hair treatments, the options seem endless, especially when it comes to achieving that coveted sleek, straight look. Among the myriad of choices, a few prominent contenders may come to mind; Brazilian straightening treatment, and keratin straightening treatment to name a few. Each promises to transform unruly locks into silky smooth strands, but Qiqi PERMANENT Hair Controller entered the group chat with a first of its kind, damage free, permanent straightening treatment. But how do they stack up against each other? Let’s delve into the details and explore the hair straightening treatment that reigns supreme, Qiqi. – Now available in South Africa from Modern Hair & Beauty.

What is Qiqi Permanent Hair Controller?

Qiqi Permanent Hair Straightener is not just another run-of-the-mill hair straightening treatment; it’s a revolutionary technology designed to transform hair texture with long-lasting results. This proprietary treatment penetrates and softens disulfide bonds in the hair, allowing for significant changes in texture without the use of harsh or toxic ingredients.

Key Features of Qiqi Permanent Hair Controller:

  • Safe and Gentle: Free from alkaline ingredients, this treatment is gentle on the hair, ensuring minimal damage.
  • Versatile: Suitable for all hair types, including coloured and chemically-treated hair. You can even colour your hair the same day as the treatment!
  • Immediate Results: Wear your hair how you like it the same day – no waiting period required. Get sweaty in the gym, swim in the ocean, or even tie your hair up.
  • Resilient: Hair becomes resistant to sweat, humidity, and extreme temperatures, maintaining its sleekness even in challenging conditions.
  • Professional Grade: Hair professionals can precisely control their client’s hair texture for superior cuts, colours, extensions, and styling services. No restrictions.

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Qiqi Hair Straightening Treatment Vs. Brazilian Straightening Treatment

Brazilian hair smoothing treatment is a common type of Keratin treatment in the market, and available from a few different brands, including Sweet Professionals. However, when it comes to holding up against the innovative technology of Qiqi, we see a few key differences.

Qiqi Permanent Hair Styling

  • Composition: Utilizes active, acidic ingredients to soften disulfide bonds without harsh chemicals.
  • Application: Applied 0.5cm away from the scalp through the ends, followed by heat activation to penetrate the cortex.
  • Results: Provides a range of styles from bouncy curls to silky straight, depending on client preference. Results are permanent and will grow out with clients’ hair.
  • Convenience: Hair remains resilient to external factors, allowing for daily activities like workouts and swimming without compromising the treatment’s effects. Root touch-ups are required as hair grows out.

Brazilian Hair Straightening Treatment

  • Composition: Relies on a silicone-based serum sealed in with heat to create a protective layer around each hair strand.
  • Results: Lasts approximately three to four months with proper care, gradually wearing off to return hair to its natural state.
  • Concerns: Some individuals may experience hair breakage or damage over time due to the silicone-based formula.

Qiqi Permanent Hair Styling Vs. Keratin Hair Straightening

Keratin hair smoothing treatments essentially use a keratin protein solution to coat hairs, resulting in a smoother, less frizzy result compared to the Brazilian straightening treatment. However with a 72 hour wait period for the treatment to set can be a bit inconvenient to our busy and active schedules. With Qiqi ProCtrl Hair Controller, a 3 hour application is all it takes for permanent results! The results speak for themselves, take a look at, Glamour Beauty Editor, Jesé Lillienfeldt-Hartman’s hair before and after the Qiqi treatment.

Qiqi Permanent Hair Styling

  • Composition: Safe and free from alkaline ingredients, suitable for all hair types. Damage-free results.
  • Results: Offers immediate styling flexibility, allowing clients to wear their hair as desired the same day.
  • Convenience: Requires minimal waiting time after shampooing, making it convenient for both clients and stylists. Get permanent results in just a 3 hour application.

Keratin Straightening Treatment

  • Composition: Contains a keratin protein solution with tiny molecules that coat hair strands.
  • Results: Removes more volume and frizz, making hair straighter and sleeker compared to a Brazilian, which is a type of keratin hair straightening.
  • Convenience: Requires a 72-hour waiting period post-treatment and certain restrictions on activities to maintain results.
  • Concerns: Keratin treatments use harsh chemicals such as Formaldehyde, and high heat, which can cause a number of concerns, hair breakage and loss, scalp issues and allergic reactions.

What is the Best Hair Straightening Treatment in South Africa?

Choosing the best straightening treatment depends on various factors, including hair type, desired results, and lifestyle preferences. Qiqi Permanent Hair Controller stands out for its immediate and versatile styling options, making it a top choice for those seeking hassle-free maintenance and long-lasting effects. While Brazilian and Keratin treatments offer their own set of benefits, Qiqi’s innovative technology sets it apart in terms of safety, convenience, and overall hair health. It doesn’t stop there, Qiqi is also a men’s hair straightening treatment.

Whether you’re looking to tame unruly curls or achieve sleek, straight locks, Qiqi Permanent Hair Controller brings the best of both worlds to South Africa, providing a transformative hair experience without compromising on quality or style. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to effortlessly beautiful hair with Qiqi – the future of hair straightening is here.