Modern Hair & Beauty (MHB) caught up with Reuzel South Africa Scumbassadors Lazlo Venter and Boyden Barnardo soon after they made their education debut in South Africa. Reuzel Barbering Demos were held in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban during June and in Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth at the beginning of July.

Barnardo and Venter are back in South Africa to spread Reuzel’s greasy gospel after training with the Schorem barbers in Rotterdam, Netherlands. They have learned to teach and preach the Schorem way of classic haircuts and to finish styles using Reuzel.

Both barbers agreed that their first training presentation was intimidating, especially to a sold out crowd of talented barbers and stylists. Yet, once they began sharing the history of Reuzel, the cuts, and their product knowledge, there was no holding back their passion for sharing their knowledge with their industry peers.

Here’s what the Scumbassadors have to say

Barber Boyden Bernardo and female model

Scumbassador Boyden Barnardo

Boyden is the owner of Freedom Hair Barbering and Coffee in Melville, Johannesburg. He began his career as a solo barber and hairstylist and catapulted to barbershop owner with two working barbers.

MHB: Can you describe your training experience in Rotterdam on an emotional level?

Boyden: Taking part in a class with some of the world’s best barbers was daunting and I asked myself how did I get here? All I could do was sit down, shut up, and take in as much as I could. It didn’t take me long before I felt part of a warm, inviting family of crazies.

MHB: What sets the Reuzel training apart from other barbering training?

Boyden: The extreme attention to detail. And their motto. They train you to understand that their way is not the only way, but it is the way that they have found to work best for re-creating classical looks.

MHB: What do you love about Reuzel?

Boyden: I love everything about it! From the smell to the packaging to the styles it helps me create.

MHB: Do you have a favourite Reuzel product. What makes it so?

Boyden: Extreme Hold Matte Pomade. I like its versatility, and it’s a winner for all hair types.

MHB: Why do you recommend Reuzel as a salon product? And what makes it a good retail product?

Boyden: In 16 years as a hair professional, I have not found a better quality product than Reuzel. It is perfect for creating all the great signature looks, from a mohawk to a pompadour. And the great thing is that the client can recreate their style at home with product that really works.

MHB: Please share your barbering advice with us.

Boyden:  Always try do a better haircut than the last one and never give up. Try to give your customers even better service than they expect. Always use the best products to guarantee the best results.

Barber Lazlo Venter

Scumbassador Lazlo Venter

Lazlo is the owner and head barber of Sweeny’s Barber Shop in Durban. He is a self-confessed madman: trigger-happy with a clipper, and a mamba with a straight razor.

MHB: Besides the learning aspect in Rotterdam, was there something else that stood out for you?

Lazlo: What stands out was the camaraderie. We were 14 barbers from different countries and we worked together as if we’d been doing it for years.

MHB: You’ve done barbering training before. What made the Reuzel training different to the rest?

Lazlo: I would say the individual care from the instructors made it really different. Also, you’re not just watching someone else do the cuts, you’re doing the cuts and they make sure you understand every aspect of the cut.

MHB: Is there one thing in particular that you love about Reuzel?

Lazlo: I love more than just one thing. The variety is great, everything from grease to matte clay is available. The quality is like a top-shelf whisky. The price is right. In fact, it’s less expensive than other products that don’t deliver anything near the same quality. And everything looks and smells great!

MHB: You’ve had the opportunity to use many, if not all of the Reuzel products. Do you have a favourite?

Lazlo: I honestly don’t have a favourite, but if I had to pick one that stands out it would be the Grooming Tonic. Think of it as a steak marinade. The seasoning is very important, but the prep is even more important.

MHB: Why should barbers use and retail Reuzel?

Lazlo: I think barbers will figure that out for themselves once they’ve used it! I don’t push sales ever. Reuzel sells itself.

MHB: Do you have advice on how to choose the right brand for the salon.

Lazlo: Pick a product that guys would use. Fancy things don’t do it for men and they lose interest if it’s too complicated. Don’t try and give them things to remember like ‘key ingredients’ unless they ask. Men will buy something that works and will finish it to the last scraping. If they like it in their hair, they’ll ask you what you’ve used. Then just put the tin in their hands and answer any questions they have about it.

To attend a Reuzel seminar and learn how to spread the greasy gospel, please contact your sales representative or contact us.