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 TrendVision 2020 Cancelled

It’s with great sadness that we’ve cancelled NTVA 2020.  We’ve made the decision due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the uncertainty it brings. NTVA will resume in 2021 and we can’t wait to see your creations!

Stay safe.

Take the competition to the next level

Trends are no longer about looking to experts, designers and fashion houses. They are about connecting with people, igniting conversations and sharing opinions.

Our TrendVision Awards 2020 competition follows the same principles. This year we expect competitors from each category to showcase their vision of what is trending, with an emphasis on highlighting individual beauty without a specified trend.

This year there will be some exciting changes to the competition, will be digital.  Entries ate each stage are submitted to Then a live 5-hour award show and winner announcements will take place on social media platforms on 5 October 2020. On top of that Wella has added new categories, and the way we speak about hair and view trends have evolved.

Inspired by Wella’s Hair Language

There has been a shift in the definition of trends and the way Wella speaks about hair fashion.   Trends are no longer concrete concepts and are not defined by a select few, but rather by whole communities.

The 2020 TrendVision competition suggests a trend starts with a vision about the way we see the world and how we express ourselves in that world – and, then becomes significant because of the validation from our community.

New Categories

TrendVision 2020 has expanded the competition categories from three to five. The category names for the live competition have also changed to suit the new Wella Hair Language.

Download your category booklet for:

  • An overview of the category
  • Criteria to enter
  • Rules & Regulations
  • Entry form and submission guidelines

Last year two editorial categories were introduced to the competition – Sebastian Professional and SEBMAN. This year the editorial section will also include a Wella Craft Artist category.

Winners from the live shows will automatically receive an invite to attend ITVA. The Sebasatian and SEBMAN editorial winners will be selected from a pool of other global winners to attend this ITVA with renowned global hair artists and peers.

 ‘Rules’ are no longer dictated by a few ‘experts’

In 2020,trends are informed by an entire hairdressing community; stylists, clients, and brands.

The hair trends in 2020 can be described as:

  • Not seasonal
  • Have no expiration
  • Dictated by whole communities
  • Found on social media through hashtags
  • A celebration of the individual
  • A celebration for the diversity of beauty

Therefore, it naturally follows that these principles will create natural competition parameters. In other words, things our judges can objectively consider in their selection process.

Before submitting your application, consider that

TrendVision Hair is

  • Inspired
  • Street creative
  • Focused on the model’s individuality illuminating the model’s best self
  • Considerate of the model’s image and personality
  • Not frightening for the salon clients 

TrendVision Hair is not

  • Forced, overdone, eccentric, off the wall
  • A slave to the world of trends and fashion
  • Ignorant of how the model’s skin tone and eye colour influence the final hair colour
  • An unflattering colour technique that ignores the haircut and style
  • Unharmonised hair colour shades
  • Unpolished

The TrendVision Journey

The journey to TrendVision is one that challenges your creativity and technique. It challenges you to step out behind the chair and onto a stage to publically present your vision to peers, industry heavy-weights, and judges. And, then, to rub shoulders with the most talented and prolific hairstylists, the global industry has to offer.

The 2019 NTVA Winners share why they took the TrendVision journey.

Gold Color Artist 2019, South Africa Flo Neacsu, Excentric

 “TrendVision Awards is a challenge that pushes me to get out of the box and create a beautiful look taking inspiration from all over (nature, fashion, architecture). Winning TVA 2019 Color Artist gives me the opportunity to get internationally trained and recognized. Looking forward to the ITVA 2020 Creative Retreat in Sevilla March 2020 that is part of my winning prize”

Gold Creative Artist 2019, South Africa: Charles Junior Louw, Hashtag Colour Lounge

“Winning TrendVision takes you as a stylist to the next level. Finally, I am getting International recognition and will be able to showcase my talent to other great artists around the world at the Creative Retreat in Sevilla March 2020.”

In March 2020 these winners, together with our two Gold Winners in the Editorial section, will attend the ITVA Creative Retreat in Sevilla, Spain.

2019 South Africa Gold Color Artist

Flo Neacsu

Flo Neacsu

2019 South Africa Gold Creative Artist

Charles Junior Louw

Charles Junior Louw

2019 South Africa Gold SEBMAN Men’s Hair

Fabio Macchia

Flo Neacsu

2019 South Africa Gold Sebastian Editorial Look

Carla Klue

Carla Klue