“When you lose your hair, you feel like you lose a little part of your sparkle, your inner beauty”

Spoken by hair loss expert, Eva Graham, these famous words lay the foundation of NIOXIN. A brand she founded on the belief that she could make, “someone’s life a little happier every single day”.

Eva Graham dedicated her life to creating a solution that slows down the effects of hair loss: Her formulation helps both men and women have healthier, thicker, and stronger hair.

The life work of Eva Graham became, what we now know as NIOXIN: A hair loss solution that works in harmony with your clients’ hair and scalp. 

And more importantly, a solution that restores their confidence.


The restorative power of NIOXIN

Did you know that hair thinning globally affects 50% of men and women?

It’s a far more common problem than we may believe. It’s also something that severely affects your clients’ confidence and hinders their daily lives.

A study from Yale University showed that people who experience hair thinning withdraw from daily life.

In times of physical or emotional trauma and stress (hello, 2020) our bodies always show signs of distress and losing hair is one of those. 

It can be expected that after an event such as a global pandemic, hair loss will affect an even larger percentage of the population. Therefore, more of your clients may experience hair thinning and will have a hard time returning to social or professional environments.

It’s exactly why they need NIOXIN: To help them to live fuller lives and restore their confidence.

However, before telling you exactly how NIOXIN ranges and in-salon treatments help your clients, you need to know about all the factors that can contribute to hair loss.

6 reasons for hair thinning and hair loss

  1. Genetics

Hereditary hair loss is more common in men, but it can also affect women. According to NIOXIN research, for every five men with this condition, three women are also affected. Genetic hair loss or thinning can’t be cured but by starting an early treatment regime, it will slow down the process.

  1. Stress

Emotional or physical stress can lead to hair loss or thinning and is a serious concern for most people. Thankfully, the hair will usually grow back once the stress is eased.

  1. Health

Hair is often thicker and fuller during pregnancy due to raised oestrogen levels because it keeps hair in the growing phase (anagen) for longer. Postpartum hair loss may occur because once oestrogen levels drop, hair goes into a ‘shedding’ phase called telogen.

  1. Medication

Medication can have side effects, such as excess hair growth, hair loss, and changes to the colour and texture of hair. In most cases, side effects will subside once the medication is stopped.

  1. Environment

Environmental factors trigger hair loss such as pollution, water quality, and sun exposure. Pollution clogs hair follicles if the scalp is not properly cleansed. Prolonged sun exposure irritates the scalp and leaves hair brittle. Chlorine in water leaves hair dry and damages the cuticle.

  1. Diet

A balanced diet is key for a healthy hair and scalp. Hair is mostly protein, and to absorb protein efficiently the body needs carbohydrates, iron, vitamins B12 and C.  Eating from all food groups and taking supplements improves hair growth.

The NIOXIN range

According to NIOXIN research, 85% of consumers that have tried the System Kits have noticed a thickening effect.

NIOXIN’s innovative and light-weight formula is designed to improve the scalp environment, remove sebum or product build-up and stimulate hair growth. The hair is strengthened to prevent breaking and nourished to improve its condition.

NIOXIN’s advanced technological approach and 30 years of research is what makes it the no.1 salon brand for thicker, fuller hair.



The 3-Step System Kits cleanse, optimise and treat hair and scalp concerns.

The kits are a 3-step regime that includes a cleansing shampoo, revitalising conditioner and leave-in hair and scalp treatment.

The System Kits are designed for daily use.


NIOXIN’s Intensive Treatments

These leave-in products complement the 3-step regime. Regular use of the treatments reduces hair fall, promotes hair density and boosts diameter.

Colour-safe options reduce hair breakage and improve colour vibrancy while deep-conditioning dry hair.

In-salon treatments 

Three in-salon treatments are available:

  • Pre-colour treatment protects the scalp from irritation.
  • Post-colour treatment protects hair from breaking and provides long-lasting colour vibrancy.
  • The Dermabrasion treatment is a facial for the scalp. It exfoliates the scalp and removes build-up around the follicles resulting in scalp surface regeneration.

NIOXIN 3D Styling

The styling range contains products that are formulated with one of two technologies.

The products with Pro-Thick Technology provides extra hold and creates the illusion of thicker hair. The products containing Light-Plex Technology creates a light and flexible finish.

The 3D Styling range also has a Dry Cleanser, Instant Fullness, that both enhances hair density and absorbs excess oil.



Would you like to help your clients combat hair loss? Become a NIOXIN stockist by contacting Modern Hair & Beauty, or phoning our telesales centre on 0860 104 109.



Thinning hair is a common problem affecting 50% of men and women globally. NIOXIN, the No.1 salon brand for thicker, fuller hair providing advanced scalp care as a solution to this problem.

As an extension of facial skin, the scalp requires the same attention and treatment. NIOXIN’s innovative range of products are designed to strengthen, nourish and repair hair from its foundation – the scalp – because scalp health creates hair health. Along with customised technologies, NIOXIN products provide the perfect foundation for thicker, fuller-looking hair.

As the most awarded brand for thinning hair in the US and with more than 30 years of research, you can be assured of positive results.




Article written by the Modern Hair & Beauty Retail Business Consultants:
Jane Alves
Lynette Cronje
Carla Saraiva