We recently announced our Wella TrendVision 2019 Award finalists and the excitement is rising as we hurtle towards the final event taking place on 1 September.

In any competition there is a specific set of requirements on which the judging criteria is based and there can be only one winner per category. It is natural then, that there will be some disappointment amongst those who did not win and that can lead to criticism of the judging criteria.

Were you one of the stylist’s whose work did not make it through the crucial first round? If so, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Did I read the rules?
  2. Did I follow the requirement(s)?
  3. Did I understand the judging criteria?
Color Vision Finalists 2019

There was beautiful work submitted this year but, sadly, a few did not make it past the starting blocks. In one instance the work was entered into the wrong category and could not be considered for selection. In another, the work was salon relevant where the requirement is for an editorial look. I recommend taking a look at the entries that did qualify to see how they met the criteria.

Entering a competition, like the TrendVision Award, that measures skill can be daunting, no matter your level of expertise. Once you’ve taken that brave step to enter, we really do want you to have a rewarding experience, no matter if you win or not. I urge you to enter again next year even if you were not successful this year,

I am super-excited about the TrendVision 2019 Award and I wish all the finalists a wonderfully creative competition. Event attendance is open to all and tickets are available from your Wella sales representative @ R290,00 incl. Come out and support the successes of our stylists!

TVA Creative Vision Finalists

PSSST! If live event competitions are not your thing, standby for news about something special (and photographic!) coming soon to competitive stylists…