I’ve been asked by numerous stylists in the last few weeks about the new KPME+ colour from Wella Professionals and I feel it’s important to let the general industry know the power we have with a colour like KOLESTON PERFECT with ME+ and the significance it has on the future of our colour business.

Never have we been able to colour hair in the way we can now.

Clients are so demanding of hairdressers, they insist that we provide beautiful and even colour from root to tip while not compromising the condition of their hair. It has not always been possible as the demands clients have sometimes gone beyond what conventional colour products can do.

With KPME+ we can colour clients’ hair with one even application without compromise because of the way the new technology in KOLESTON PERFECT interacts with clients’ hair. In one easy step, we can change a client’s colour completely without fear of unwanted tones shining through and resulting in strange shades.

Complete transformations have never been easier.

The ME+ technology in the new KOLESTON was specifically designed to replace the PTD molecule which was linked to allergic reactions to hair colour. It’s a brand-new precursor that will allow not only even colouring but also significantly reduce the development of new allergies. Although the risk of an allergic reaction is reduced, I still urge stylist to implement doing a patch test as a standard service before any new colour application.

Don’t go into the future with technology from the past.

If you want to experience KPME+ ask our educators to visit your salon to do a PURE BALANCE CHALLENGE. The challenge allows you to test the colour in your salon and see the results for yourself.

Email Theresa to set up a PURE BALANCE CHALLENGE.

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The science of KP with ME+

Pure Balance Technology™ and ME+™ are the result of over 7 years of colour science research and over 3,000 formulations tested. It has more than 20 patents. Colour that is significantly more even, balanced and true to tone from root to tip** offering better balance of tone and control of depth** with up to 100% grey coverage. NEW KOLESTON PERFECT with ME+ features an incomparable colour line-up with naturals, brunettes, reds and blondes and the inclusion of a special mixing range.

NEW KOLESTON PERFECT with ME+ requires no habit change for stylists as it features the same mixing ratio, the same development time and the same grey coverage, all enhanced with easier mixing, more precise application and an improved fragrance that offers a better experience for colourists and clients. For colour that stays true to tone** and provides significantly less damage colour after colour**, KOLESTON PERFECT with ME+ is leading the way to making colour more reliable.