Our Insta-Vintage Movement colour palette has been unveiled in South Africa! The highly evolved and curated palette of eight colour directions will enable you to create the trending vintage hair look by applying modern colours with a vintage feel.

Wella Professionals’ new palette responds to the shift the beauty industry has experienced in recent years where beauty choices are no longer defined by only a few or by seasons, they are defined by tribes bonded by common interests who also appreciate individual expression.

The inspirational Insta-Vintage Movement magnificently translates the images created by vintage filter apps into colours that can be realistically created in the salon using a soft, powdery filter. It offers a modern twist on hair colour for those who want to stand out from the crowd giving you and your client a range of creative possibilities.

The new colours are characterised by their finish. Blondes, reds and brunettes appear soft and gentle. Hair colour is no longer purely about intensity, vibrancy and richness. Redheads have become more natural-looking, blondes have become smoky to exude relaxed refinement. For darker shade directions, vintage wood tones have intensified with a hint of brunette and soft amber hues.

Wella Insta-Vintage Red


With colour blending, Wella Professionals balances different levels of saturation within one look. By softly blending some areas, colours become more refined and subtle, yet never lose their character. You can now craft a look that truly expresses your client’s individuality and your creativity. Wella Professionals’ latest exclusive colour collection has been created by the most influential and sought-after colourist in the world today, Wella Professionals Global Colour Ambassador Andreas Kurkowitz. Andreas guides women to discover the fulfilment of self-expression through hair colouring. One example is #LeatherRed. Just like aged, quality leather, this colour seamlessly shifts in intensities. A play between a muted copper to an intensified red exquisitely showcases a lived-in colour with a premium finish. This finish is achievable on all depths using Wella Professionals’ unique line of hero products.

Insta-Viintage Movement Blonde hair

Create an Insta-Vintage Movement finish with these hero products:

  1. New Koleston Perfect with ME+
  2. New Color Fresh Create
  3. New Color Touch

Insta-Vintage Movement encourages women to embrace their individuality as they revitalise vintage fashion trends. A woman’s unique imagination flourishes as she embarks on the Insta-Vintage Movement, providing her with an endless range of beauty and creative expression.

Wella Insta Vintage Movement Brown curly hair